So how does PeopleStorms work?

It all starts with a new PeopleStorm challenge. Any registered user can set up one with a title, a description of the challenge and what's needed, and a reward ranging from $10 to $25. That reward is the financial incentive that will draw the PeopleStorms community to come and suggest their best ideas.

So how do they earn that reward? Read on...

Phase 1: Brainstorming

Once it's live, the new PeopleStorm is prominently featured on our home page, and an email alert goes out to our community.

Brainstorming lasts just 12 hours, but don't worry, there'll be plenty of activity. That's because in addition to our talented community, the site also includes an amazing thinking tool, our own proprietary brainstorming technology, WordStorms, that helps break down and recombine ideas into completely new ones.

Phase 2: Voting

Once the brainstorming phase ends, then voting begins. For the next 12 hours, our community votes on their favorite ideas that have been suggested in Phase 1.

20% of the reward is used now to "get out the vote". So while it lasts, PeopleStormers can earn 25 cents for each Storm they vote on, provided they cast votes for at least 10 of the Storm's ideas (or half the number of ideas, if there are fewer than 20 ideas for a brainstorm). It's easy to do, and the reward adds up fast.

24 Hours Later: Distributing The Rewards

After just 24 hours, the brainstorm is closed and the system counts the votes to determine the Top 3 ideas. The ideas with the highest voting scores each earn a share of the reward:

#1 Idea: 40%
#2 Idea: 20%
#3 Idea: 10%

Another 10% of the reward goes to the two top words that help spark the most popular idea using WordStorms (they get 5% each). We like to reward both great ideas and creative thinking here at PeopleStorms.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign Up now or Login to your account to start eangaging our community of creative thinkers, and to start earning rewards for your great ideas.

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