So who are our PeopleStormers?

The members of our PeopleStorms community are a unique and diverse bunch of amazing, creative thinkers. Almost anyone can join the site*, and that's by design. So we have soccer moms, college students, entrepeneurs, teachers, basically almost every type of person, and from literally everywhere in the world. We want to make it possible for anyone who is motivated to contribute great ideas to come help with each and every PeopleStorm.

It takes a crowd to help with all this Storming.

When a new PeopleStorm is created, email alerts go out to a large segment of our community. To make sure that the Storm gets the best response possible, here are some of the People that we specifically target:

  • - The most prolific People (who have suggested the most ideas)

  • - The most accomplished People (who have earned the most rewards)

  • - And "wildcard" People (who have the potential to come up with great ideas)

That's a lot of qualified People who can come help with each Storm and come up with great ideas! It's that number and that assortment of amazing creative thinkers that help make each PeopleStorm a success.

Ready to engage the PeopleStorms Community?

Click here to start your own PeopleStorm. We think you will like the results.

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