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BountyStorms has been live for a few months now, and the site is about to have a bigger launch/rollout. That'll mean more BountyStormers, more brainstorms, and of course more bounty. Good stuff... But before that happens, the team here would love to hear your feedback about the site. What features do you like (and don't like)? What would you change? What would you praise? Thanks.

Change the voting system

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Right now, I think most of the voters just click on the ideas from top to bottom (or bottom to top) until they get the vote bounty. Maybe the person who started the bounty should also vote and that he/she determines the top 3 for the idea bounties.


I agree. Although I do pick the ones I like best when voting, bounty for quantity voting is not improving the quality.


Editing your idea


After you suggested an idea, and actually created it, there is no way you can change it, and take out little spellingmistakes.


Voting is silly but the site itself is a great idea!

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I have to honestly admit that I will vote, vote, vote until I get my 25 cents, once I figured out that is how it is done. Probably makes sense to pay people 25 cents for just top 3 votes regardless of # of ideas. What I like about the site is its brilliance and simplicity. You have done right by the general concept, and I think pricing is right, too. Clean up some of the more cosmetic items like having a hard time to finding the "suggest an idea" link and you should be good to go.


How about every one who votes goes into a drawing for the vote bounty? But there's some requirement that goes with it that ensures quality, truthfulness and consideration of the votes cast. Don't know what it is. I know, let's do a Bounty Storm on it!


Thanks for letting us know about the voting system. We've tried to make it simple, useful and fair. But we think there's room for improvement and have some ideas of how to change things. Also, we'll be improving the UI to make the Suggest and Idea link easier to find.


Greater clarity about the process

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LOVE your web site/concept! I do think you need better directions/instructions as to the process itself. What happens, time line, payments, voting, etc. More clarity.


Creativity should not need guidance.


Creativity does not need guidance - site navigation does....


Thanks for the praise and feedback! We are planning to add a demo "movie" to the How It Works page and also a FAQ in the coming weeks. Hopefully this will help.


A few small changes

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Its too hard to find the "suggest an idea" link on average, far less visible. As others have suggested the new bounties arn't as visible as they should be. Not too sure on the voting system, the motorization to vote is slightly off. I understand your encouraging participation with it, maybe there is another way to do it?


We've changed the Suggest An Idea link to make it stand out more. Thanks for this feedback!


Concern over pricing


With more and more free services popping up (tweetbrain being one example) I'm afraid the $4.95 listing flat fee in addition to the commission may be too high, especially considering most bountys are under $25 total. I have no knowledge of your business model, this site is very well kept so clearly costs money to manage, but it seems lowering the listing fee for bountys under $20, or elliminating it and upping the commission could be helpful. Clearly, we're poor:(


An Ideal portal for writers, inventors, business ideas, and advertising companies


A place where users can submit ideas that they have had for books, short stories, inventions, businesses or commercials. Other users can log on, and pay for those ideas. The system can be tracked by having users who go into the Idea Portal sign a digital Non-disclosure statement. The idea could be worth millions to the person that wants to run with it, but the person that thought of it, but doesn't want to use it might sell it for $5-$25 dollars.


Blind Submission

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Do not show the name's proposer.


Thanks for letting us know your concern here. We will look at displaying initials or providing an option for a nickname feature or similar.


I hate the navigation

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Need to press home to find the active bounties.


Great minds think alike: this change was already in the works, and will be in an upcoming release. Thanks!


We've just made this feature available. A new section will appear on the left side of the page when there are two or more active brainstorms.


More understanding about the voting process

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are we always voting for half of the names submitted or what determines the way we vote.


I agree that the voting process should be more transparant. What is the weight of a vote for my own idea worth? Is it the same as a vote for Troy's idea?


Mechanics on Front Page Confusing


The actual layout of the front page is not clear in terms of where one should be looking to log in, brainstorm and vote. Also, I did not understand the "vote for 10" the other day when I didn't like 10 of the rabbit videogame names. I think the front page needs to be "cleaner" and stretched out to the edges of the page so as to give more room for design layout. Concept is great and left-hand side is nice, but middle is cramped.


Weighted voting

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10 vote = 25 cents is great in theory. But unless a large number of ideas are being offered, people just start picking the last few at random. Weight the votes so that they are incrementally worth less points as you go down the list.


wouldn't that only have an effect on the outcome of voting if the vote itself had a corresponding "weight". So if my 1st vote is worth 50c, and the last perhaps 2c, then my first vote should also have more influence in the ranking.


Reward vote bounty to people whith most accurate vote totals

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Instead of 25 cents for voting, maybe you could reward that 25 cents to people who end up correctly picking the most top vote-getting ideas. It would give people an incentive to not just vote at random, but really try to pick the ideas they think will win.


Good idea!


i don't think it should be about which idea you think will "win" but which idea you think is the best/most worthy/genius etc. Encouraging the selection of ideas by rewarding prediction rather evaluation of merit is in conflict with the purpose of this my humble opinion.


Unrestricted and Unconstrained


What if I can't get my idea right in three tries? What if I have ten ideas? If Edison or Bell hadn't tried that 1200th time, we'd be learning about the Smith light bulb. I find it so much more interesting to throw down as many ideas on a subject as I can come up with. If the subject interests me little, then my response is little and vice versa. And who knows, my sixth idea might lead to the one idea from another submitter that nails it. Let the dogs course the rabbit, don't keep them on the leash and don't keep them muzzled. First, I think you should take this set of submissions and immediately drop anything that looks like a narrowing of focus or restriction on the opportunity for everyone to supply suggestions to every storm that comes up. That's how you build a space shuttle.


Make your site work the way it is suppose to!

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I actually have a bounty I won and after logging in, I can't get to it. Not that it doesn't work somehow, but I cannot seem to figure it out. your site has a great premise, has a pretty good format, butt the navigation for the "business" side/accts management seems to be lacking or non-existent.


Thanks for letting us know about your problem with claiming bounty. Once you log in, you will see on the right side of the page under the BountyStorms Status section a link to the page where you can claim your bounty. Payment is made within one week. Email if you have any other questions.


More clarification on the type of name sought


by that I mean: - one word name - plain english name or abstract name - ideal number of letters/syllables/words (min/max or range) - words to avoid using - characteristics/attributes sought in the name - domain name needed - etc. this could be like checkboxes or radio buttons or something that is part of the sign-up process and displayed to name submitters


Show comments more clearly

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It would be nice if comments would be more visible. They could be used for correcting mistakes and for a better interaction between Stormers.


Thanks for this feedback -- we agree wholeheartedly! This will be changed in an upcoming release.


We've just rolled out a new comments functionality. Hope you like it!


Feedback from the problem owner

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I would love to hear which ideas are really worth carrying out or which really benefitted the problem owner. Even if it's not my idea ;)


I love this suggestion.


Editing the votes

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Instead of waste your decision, when you wrong or you want to change it.


This was a feature in an early release of the site that we will look at adding back in...


Trouble with "submitted by" field

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After few bountystorms I realized that all of them were submitted by same guys. Because of that fact bountystorms were not so attractive to me. There was no challenge in brainstorming ideas just for sake of brainstorming. It was obvious that those bountystorms were not stormed for some genuine client who wants to use user generated ideas. "Submitted by" should contain name of client that wants to use idea given by brainstormers. That would give bountystorms more authenticity...




Hi Ante -- We do create BountyStorms to keep the site active in addition to the ones you see from customers. But these are actually done for "friends of BountyStorms" and are real brainstorming questions for them. Don't let this stop you from using the site, and soon we'll have more users and brainstorms as well. Thanks!


Whopp It Up!


Get creative. This whole thing is an experiment in creativity. Let it go. Concentrate on making it a free-for-all where creativity can just be unleashed. Nothing truly creative, from Van Gogh to Dali to Oppenheimer's bomb would have ever come about if Creativity hadn't been allowed to lead the way.


Payment Process is Perfect

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the payment process is perfect: easy, simple, fast! big thanks.


I very much agree here. Though it's not much, you really get what you earn and that is highly incouraging.


Heck, I just like winning every once in a while. How about people vote because their names' will go into a hat for a 50 cent drawing. Instead of getting 25 cents for voting. Pavlovian.


Voting by submitter


The person who submitted the brainstorm should have an extra vote, or should decide in their own who should win, get second, third etc.


Decentralized and Decategorized.


I like how both of these themes run through the BountyStorms program. ANYONE can participate. Imagine the hybrid vigor you get from that approach. Categorizing Brainstormers and those using the system to come up with ideas seems like the antithesis of truly creative problem solving. Remember the nine year old and the truck stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel.


Better division of bounty under equals


When more ideas end first, the bounty of the first and second place should be added before splitting equally. So if there are two "winners", they should divide 60% of the bounty among them and not divide 40%. The way it is now, the two winners end up with the same bounty as the number three: all get 20%.


Profile your stormers

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Categorize stormers by their area of expertise. Then you can offer those starting brainstorms the opportunity to choose what group of stormers they want: i.e. advertising, high tech, etc.




Website layout

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The layout is just perfect; not to full with advertisements, but just white, plain and arranged. perfect.


I agree to this.


I love the website layout. Somehow the layout is what convinced me of the seriousness and legitimacy of the site and the proposal from the start.


agreed- great layout


Personal Panel

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To change password.


We'll add this to the UI in our next release. Thanks!


Panel of expert voters

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Current system relies on stormers for the whole voting process. You're trusting that they will actually pick the best ones, not just their own. It would be interesting to have a panel of Bounty Storm experts that have 1/2 vote on the winners. Could make them category specific if you really want to get fancy.


I support this idea


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