Friday Brainstorm: Predict the Future

OK, here's a brainstorm that asks you to be a futurist... Everyone is well aware of how difficult the times are now. So tell us what you think will happen in the next 1, 5, or even 10 years. Feel free to wax fantastical, poetic, dystopic or utopic here. We're looking for cool, thought provoking answers!

DNA Fingerprinting, profiling, and descrimination


"Gattaca" is just around the corner. identity and DNA purity will eventually become a reality and those who fail to "evolve" will become a new sub-class. Just look around, it is already starting to happen. Genone sequencing, cloning, Gene alteration, Tissue creation...DNA correction just around the corner. Just a matter of time before your DNA is part of your resume, or insurance check, or entry into a program or facility. It will start in countries with loose laws, then become a standard. Then it will be a black market for alterations. I give it 10 years.


Resource = Wars

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As this financial crisis goes away, whenever that is, and the markets once again boom, the need for resources as CHINDIA further mature will make natural resources and land grabs in Africa and the polar regions hot spots. Already in action, these areas are hotly contested. It is only a matter of time before tensions increase as resources dwindle. Water, ore, oil, etc. 15-25 yrs. Possible world at war, but not necessarily a world war.


Water will become the most precious resource.


Technology will actually be a part of us in 10 years


humans and technology will be integrated.


We will have a new president in 10 years


yes i can see the future!


Cancer Cured in 10 Years


there will be a cure for cancer.


Renovable World


Green solutions and radical changes could save us by the grey smog....


Augmented Reality will be ubiquitous in 10 years


Augmented reality allows a user to have an enhanced interaction with reality by superimposing additional information on top either by projection systems or heads up glasses or displays.


People Killer


Within 25 yrs, probable chance for a super-bug/virus. With today's highly traveled and integrated/open societies, there will be some major outbreak of a variant virus or strain tha will be historically signfiicant. Just look at the Recent FLU strains and how fast they travel. These are strains we have vaccines for. Just a matter of time before a variant pops up that we don't have a cure. A plague of our time.


MAYA said...


That in 2012 the earth will disappear... ...for coincidence the most powerful solar storm is expected for that date, that should reset and stop the energy on earth... :-(


Large Number Factoring in 5 Years


Sometime in the next 5 years a new more efficient method of factoring large numbers will appear, throwing the internet security world into a tissy for a short while at least.


Flying cars

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Isn't there a law or something that requires flying cars to be in any prediction of the future?


It would be ridiculous to expect flying cars in only 1 to 5 years, so this is of course a 10 year prediction ;)



Ops... maybe better than this...


Stem Cell reinvigoration


Maybe we will live for 100, 150 years... ...or simply the regeneration will be cyclic...


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